Canland Recycling Center

About Our Business

Hello and thank you for visiting our website. Canland is family owned and operated located in Denver, Colorado just north of Interstate 76 on the Federal Blvd. exit.

Canland pays top prices and cash for all metals – copper, brass, aluminum cans, all other aluminum, insulated wires, stainless steel, auto and truck batteries, lead, die cast, steel, magnesium, electric motors, catalytic converters, electronic scrap, printed circuit boards, and all other metals.  We have been serving the community since 1990, so you can be sure to find helpful information, friendly service and, of course a friendly smile.

HOURS:  Monday to Friday:    8 am to 4:30 pm   Saturday:  8 am to 4 pm   Sunday: Closed

Call us at 303.426.4141

Our History

Can Land Recycling was started by Ed Pearman in 1990.  Ed had a never ending smile and a heart of gold and was well known in the recycling industry and in our community.  He passed away in February, 2013 but his legacy has been carried on at Can Land by his family.  Ed was very excited to build the building at Can Land with mostly recycled materials, including the steel frame, the wood for the office, the lighting, and the steel used in the cement.

Scrap Recycling

Metals recycling has been happening probably since metals were discovered.  Paul Revere was the first well known recycler.  He bought and sold metals and made metal cookware. The energy saved by the recycling of aluminum for one year, instead of using raw aluminum (bauxite ore), saves enough energy to supply a city of a million people energy for more than 5 years.  Current steel recycling saves enough energy to electrically power 1/5 of all homes in the US. This is just 2 resources and 2 benefits. Could you imagine if we recycled 100% of our metals? Interesting facts about recycling

Metals We Buy

We currently are buying  all metals such as Copper wire, Copper tubing, Insulated Copper wires, Aluminum solids, Aluminum cans, All Other Aluminum, Red Brass, Yellow Brass, Stainless, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, Steel, Printed Circuit Boards, Electronic Scrap, Computers, and anything metal!  Because the value of these materials is based on the market value which could change daily and sometimes multiple times during the day, please call for current prices.

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